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Founder Morescode

Hello and welcome!

My name is Jason More and I'm the founder of Morescode, a customer intelligence agency that helps companies build technology solutions for efficient and effective communication.

I've always been passionate about three things: Lego, technology, and communication.

It's amazing how my favourite areas of interest have converged in the era of artificial intelligence. With the emergence of AI, we can now build technology just like we build Lego and make communication faster and more impactful.

My goal is to help companies take advantage of these advancements and unlock their potential through technology. I believe that technology should be accessible and user-friendly, just like Lego. So, I created Morescode, to provide expert support and guidance to businesses looking to improve their communication and feedback processes in this fast-paced digital world.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy learning more about my passion and the work we do at Morescode!

Telegraph Poles

The Full Story

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In my passion for communication, I find myself drawn to the work of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code.


Like me, Morse was driven by a desire to improve communication, especially over long distances. He developed the Morse Code system, which used a series of dots and dashes to represent letters and numbers, allowing messages to be sent quickly and efficiently over telegraph wires.

The word-play with Morescode and Morse Code is a nod to my admiration for Morse's work and my own commitment to advancing communication through technology.

By combining my passion for efficient and effective communication with my expertise in technology solutions, Morescode is at the forefront of modern communication methods, helping businesses connect with their customers and capture their feedback in new and innovative ways.

In essence, Morescode represents a modern-day version of Morse Code, providing a means for businesses to quickly and effectively communicate with their customers and gather valuable insights.

With Morescode, the possibilities for improving communication and driving success are endless.

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