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Customer Intelligence

Unrivalled customer intelligence

morescode 'dot' the i's and 'dash' the t's of customer feedback - send us your customer feedback for fast and thorough analysis

Driving value

Driving value from data you already own or can easily get

Analysing customer feedback is the number one way to quickly gain customer intelligence.


While AI can help, to do it properly and drive real value from your data still takes human intervention and an experienced human eye. 


This can be a long, laborious, hugely repetitive and arduous task that not everyone can do and those that can, still prefer not to.


If this is you, or, you just want a fast, first class coding service then send your customer feedback to us.


Our experienced team of market researchers love coding data and can quickly and accurately code large datasets picking out all of the important value points including the nuances, semantics and emotive statements that AI is prone to miss.

Answering the questions that matter...

Market Research

If you have


  • Survey answers

  • Interviews

  • Community discussions

  • Customer reviews

  • Social media conversation

  • Call logs or 

  • Helpdesk tickets 

send them to us and we can quickly tell you:

What customers like and dislike about you and your competitors products and services and more importantly, why

Business Solutions

Use this information to


  • Improve products and services

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Build loyalty

  • Increase CSAT and NPS scores 

  • Identify areas for promotion

  • Boost customer profiling

  • Increase forecasting accuracy

  • Respond quickly to everyday challenges


Learn their language. Speaking your customers language and using it in personalised messaging is proven to significantly increase sales.


Get in touch for a quick quote now! 

Customer Feedback

Powerful customer communities and feedback panels

Harness the power of 24/7, fast and reliable customer feedback

With 15yrs of community software experience we can help you choose the best platform for your needs and help you build powerful customer communities and feedback panels.


We can also support the targeted recruitmentment of relevant respondents and using our clever profiling logic and engagement techniques can achieve 


  • higher than average response rates

  • a deeper level of respondent engagement

  • improved membership retention

  • a better ongoing ROI


Get in touch for a quick chat now!

Five Star Service are proud to support and be members of The MRS (Market Research Society) and we abide by the MRS Code of Conduct to demonstrate our research excellence and commitment to quality.

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